Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tokyo in my eyes

It seems that my college life took me to Everland of Peter Pan where I could fly or jump to such and such places in all moods of joy and pride. Indeed, I have flown to several promised lands and one of them which has deeply rooted in my memory and inspired me to write first words in this Travel category is such Japan, the country of rising sun, the land of sakura, the land of fat wrestlers Sumo and the land of sake.
It was 1-week Japan trip for participating in Japan-ASEAN Student Conference in November, 2009. The trip brought me a lot of pros, for example, transnational friendship, new awareness of Asia, a very good chance to explore Japanese culture, etc.
I had 1 week to be in Japan but just a very few days in Tokyo, other time in Sendai. Both of these places contain part of my memory, my love and my life. I’d like to tell about them all, one by one. Firstly, Tokyo in my eyes.
- First impression: First scenes of Tokyo in my eyes were very bright signs along the lobbies in airport building. They all looked gorgeous with attractive words and images. But more interesting point was Japanese bakeries decorated by colorful cakes and cake boxes. I totally had a crush on them all due to a starving stomach after a night long flying in East Asian sky (: