Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When in Rome:: The place I can call home

It's been over 3 weeks now since I came here, Rome, Italy, but today I just have a chance to update my stay in Rome. I am so lucky to get here, stay in a lovely apartment, make friends with amazing people from different countries. That's how exactly my life goes on and should move on. I am happy like over the moon and want to share my happiness with you guys, my readers. Also, I do hope that your life is going on the way you want it to be. 
Here come the photos of my apartment in Rome where I would like to stay forever. I'm gonna miss it when leaving .. definitely... :(



  1. nhà siêu đẹp c ơiiiii:((

    1. Nếu chị ko về đừng trách chị nhé :P, chị ko muốn về đâu :(( Sang đây chị đón tiếp :X

  2. SO CUTE:) Love this post....and thanks for sweet words.

    Check out my new summer dress post and have av awesome week dear.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

    1. Thanks so much!!!!
      I now visit your blog quite frequently. I just love it :)
      Diep Angela NGUYEN