Monday, March 25, 2013

My must have items in spring

Here in Hanoi, it's just March but the weather is hot like summer during daytime, even the temperature sometimes increases up to more or less 30 Celsius degree. Living in this kinda heat, my skin is easy to get oily. Recently I have just used
Loreal True Match Powder Foundation. It's designed beautifully for this springtime bloom (limited edition case). I love it not only because that's a gift from my BFF but it also helps me control the oil on my face and of course makes me more confident. If you have an oily skin like me, I hope you find for yourself an appropriate item as the Loreal True Match works on me :)

Another item I would like to share with you guys is my new perfume Elizabeth Arden Splendor. It's also a gift from my relative for this spring. Feminine! The only word that I can say about this perfume. I love it's fragrance. Under this both hot and cool weather, Elizabeth Arden Splendor is such a good choice for those who get used to wearing fragrance. Now such that perfume is on my body everyday. I love it :) so how about your choice?

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