Friday, November 18, 2011

A Fashion Clutch, why not?

Actually, there are a great deal of kinds of fashion clutches, but why don't we try to update the upward fashion trend of printed leopard one time? This trend has been appearing for not a really short time but still gets the affection of shopaholics. It is already very well-known for sexy dresses, opulent coats and very bewitching underwears. Presently, items with the appearance of leopard skin can be found almost everywhere, streets, home or offices, in the form of whatsoever that can be created, for example, hats, caps, bikinis, pyjamas, scarves, bags, suitcases, even spectacle rims or hairpins, etc. You may see a lot and also possess at least one, let take a roll. 

(Me wearing a MANGO printed leopard fur)

And for me, yes, I do love to wear a printed leopard swimming-suit on my body, do like to put ton-sur-ton printed leopard flipflops on my feet. The items seem to be perfect, they are quite expensive though. Beautifying, however, is always a good way to refresh our lives and sometimes, somehow it is worth spending our money on fashionable products. Think about that and make it your motivation to make money and live an not-out-of-date life.  

There is one printed leopard item that I really want to share with you today due to its gorgeous and perfect look. Let's see this

A DVF printed leopard clutch made of leather! What do I use it for? Party! Don't you want to have a fashionable appearance at the party? Here we go, it must be your good choice when you are in a charming black dress. It has not only the great look of classic leather in printed leopard but also the clever design of the lock in the shape of a small branch. However, if you are just a so-so girl like me, not too wealthy, not too needy, then do not waste your income, I believe so. Now that it is $495 on DVF's official website. Is it just a small thing to you? Take it or you will have a big regret ;D


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