Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We share

Who are you? Where are you? Whoever and wherever you are or supposed to be, I am of the opinion that you and I are existing in the same place, it is the Earth, and sharing the same thing, it is this site that you are reading and I am telling, in a nutshell we are sharing :).

Yep, that's life. We are living, it's what we're taking from life. Keep in mind that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, then let's give it back by what we have, let's love! It is give and take. You live, I live and We share. I'm happy to share with you what I've got in this life and classify them as several subjects. When you need an idea about how to live, let me give you some ideas; when you are difficult in choosing a great outfit, allow me to tell you some things; are you gonna travel somewhere?, feel free to read my traveling experience at places I have been to in this world; or are you looking for a fine place or moment for yourself to relax?, let's visit my blog and don't forget to click my posts to see photos of life through my eyes ^^.

I am excited to do what I love and so create this site to share it and be shared with you. Please share with me your stories, your experience, whatever you've had or want to feel in this life.

Feel free to look through my small site for a sample of the colorful but bittersweet life ^^ If you have any questions, please contact me

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