Monday, August 13, 2012

Memories in Zao

Talking about Japan, one of the places I cannot forget  ever is Zao, exactly, Laforet Zao Resort & Spa located in Togatta-onsen, Zao-machi, Katta-gun, Miyagi.

Passing most 500km by Shinkansen  from Tokyo Station just in an hour and a half only, I arrived in Miyagi Prefecture very quickly.  Then it took me around another half an hour to get to paradise Zao where I stayed and had a big fun night with friends under the cold of early winter (around 5 Celsius degrees).

As I have told you, Zao is exactly a paradise on Earth. It's gorgeous, surrounded by the wild forest of the Nanokahara Highlands, laid within the magnificent Miyagi Zao mountain peaks. Fortunately, I again stayed in the room which was high enough for me to take an overview of this elysium. I was here in late autumn - early winter so had a chance and made use of the season to fully enjoy red, yellow, colorful leaves and the blue sky beautified by a rainbow. Not only did backgrounds absorb me and my friends, but services and food provided made us love this place much more. Hot springs separated for ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys made us so comfortable and relaxed after a long work and moving day. And especially to me, I was so satisfied with dinner with full of my fav Japanese dishes (fish, tempura, sushi, dessert ^^).  After seeing the photos below, do you feel the same way as I did? - XOXO -

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