Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday night scary movie

After a few days of discussion, my close friends and I decided to go to the cinema at the Garden Platinum Cineplex. When we were there, we faced both good and bad news. The latter is we couldn't buy any tickets of Step up Revolution we wanted to see and the former is we got Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter tickets and they were just 45.000 VND per each. One recommendation to those who are fond of going to the cinema in Hanoi: GO ON THURSDAY :D The Garden Platinum Cineplex provides a special service for movie-lovers, i.e., you can buy any ticket (except 3D movie tickets) with 45.000 VND only on Thursday. This is good for us, isn't it? :) However, don't forget to book in advance or get there early unless it's hard for you to find a seat in the cinema box.
Back to the movie we watched, I don't talk about its content, sense or something (better for you to watch yourself :P), but one thing for sure is it made us get together again. Now that everyone is busy with their own business from early morning til late night, it's hard to determine a certain spare time when all of us can be together. So I always suppose that we should make use of all the time we are available and make them best moments in life. That's it and we got a very fun but scary night together. Drank together, Ate together, Shouted together, Hugged each other: "OMG... so scary" - "Don't worry, I'm here". True friends are always sweet. Isn't it?

 (wearing Forever 21 Crop tee, Banana Republic tank top, Yes A-PM shorts, Mango bag, Ehwa flats)

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