Saturday, April 20, 2013

Little Break

Here in Vietnam it's national holiday and then weekend, so we have 3 days off and for me it's kinda little break. Not a few people travel somewhere to enjoy the break, but I decide to stay still in the city to gather with my relatives and friends. We are gonna throw a family party and I just can't wait for that.
These minutes of break inspire something pure and gentle into me. And WHITE is the first thing I think about. The following are exactly what I would love to put on during this short holiday. They are quite simple and classic, which I really love. Also, they are easy to mix with each other. Now I am ready for going out. Have a fabulous weekend everybody :) XOXO


  1. Nice :)

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    1. Thanks Davie and Erica. Your blog is absolutely beautiful. I've visited it. Good job guys :)
      Diep Angela NGUYEN