Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine!

I've talked to two of my friends, one man and one girl, and they've shared their stories with me. 

When it comes to my girl, she's talked about how happy her life is with her just-married husband. She's kinda girl who neither desires too much, nor demand too much. How wonderful it is if everything just flows smoothly as simply giving away and taking back when it wants to come back. This is what she likes and what she does. To date, life still treats this kind-hearted girl truly right as she deserves it. Everything is just simple if we consider and make it simple. I've learned this living method and so dislike something complicated. I am of the opinion that the more simple, the more beautiful. Why do we have to make our mind full of mess? 

Meanwhile, the man told me about his job. He felt a little unsafe since he's changed his job many times in a short period of time. He now wants to leave for another big city to find a better job which may be a good choice for him. Well, it is maybe a chance or also a challenge for him. But no matter what it will be, how can we know if we don't even give ourself a try? I have another idea that 100% surely we don't know how life goes on. Today we may be just normal persons, but who knows tomorrow we could become so famous? Today we may be happy walking in the park with our partners, but who knows tomorrow we would lie in bed in hospital because of one terrible accident suddenly happened? Can you answer? Please! We can't. So I just think we should live life without regrets, and of course in a positive way, don't think about something like drug or the like, hehe :)

So be it! And here comes my site. I love what I need. I do what I want. I am excited and satisfied with what I am and what I have today. I decide to give a birth to it on exact today, V-day, the day symbolizes true and faithful love as my site, my life which are just simple but faithful, too :) Happy Valentine! XOXO

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