Friday, October 12, 2012

Festival of Students

As usual, there is a festival of Vietnamese Students living and studying in Korea hosted by Vietnamese Students' Association in Korea (VSAK) every October. It's gonna happen this weekend. My dear friend Izabella has had me suggest an appropriate outfit to wear on such a day. I have flashed several ideas to consult my friend. Below is my suggestion for a suitable appearance at VSAK fest.  There are various options like wearing a feminine dress or active trousers. But above all, my concept is to have a decent but youthful and in-style look. Here are the looks I've created and recommended my chum. How do you think?
Student Meeting 1

White top
Boyfriend jacket
Slim pants
Guess jewelry
Forever new
Ruby jewelry
Studded jewelry
Spike jewelry
Student Meeting 2
Miss selfridge
Navy dress
Pull Bear pull bear
Hive honey
Jade bangle

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