Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Camping

A day has gone. I completely had a very cool Saturday out with friends. Each day is part of a chain of memories. I'm doing my best to make every single day of mine amazing so that I can own a fantastic chain - a stunning accessory, isn't it? ^^  On the way back home, I was thinking about my Sunday plan - what should I do with the last day of this weekend? hmmm Amazingly, my close friend came up with an idea to have a look of dark green and light yellow. This is awesome. Such dark green and light yellow make a perfect match. I totally love this idea and flashed a look associated these natural colors. The green and yellow bring me a close feeling to nature with trees, leaves and sunshine. It would be great to go camping or have a picnic under canopies of leaves and warmie sunshine on Sunday :) So here is the outfit I have chosen for Sunday. Happy Sunday! Happy camping! - XOXO

Sunday Camping

Yellow blazer
Skater skirt
Yellow wedge
Mar y sol
Tribal jewelry
Nars cosmetic
NARS Cosmetics lip stick
Opi nail polish
Opi nail lacquer

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